Monday, March 1, 2010

simple world...

oh, how i wish i could remember more often to live a simple life.  to focus on each piece individually.  breathe and remind myself it is not a race of quantity

perhaps this is why i've always been drawn to novels of centuries past.  i don't deny the hardship and pain associated with many of those eras, but i try to pull out the slow pace.  the focus on each word that slips through the mouth.  the necessity to watch the seconds tick by into tomorrow.  

it has been lovely not having a television this last year.  now, i will admit to watching a few shows i love on the internet (when i get around to it) as well as endless movies that accomplish the task of holding my interest and stirring my mind (or simply making me laugh until my stomach hurts).  but, to not waste the hours in front of drifting, soon to be forgotten images.  hours flashed by in a hurry of mundane, just passable use of my time.  sitting down at night to sew or read or watch a film which i truly enjoy makes the hours pass more as i remember them from childhood.

and, the more i force myself to pull away from constant use of technology, the easier it becomes to slow my body to match the beating of my heart.  but, there are many days i get sucked into the land of the computer, my fingers fluttering in anxiousness for something to hold and buttons to push.... a cycle of checking websites, emails, my phone....  

so, now i will leave you with these simple images of beauty.  i will pull myself away from the buttons.  i will cook my dinner.  i will read my book.  i will slow my world

 click on the links under each picture to see the photography on flickr and to see each photographers vast array of beautiful images


Cary Walker said...

oh internet... how you capture me. it is my last major addiction to tame (i know i can't conquer it). i will be LiLo... just one drink and that's it.

hmm maybe not the best role model?

katy said...

probably not!
eeek... here i am still on the internet. pulling myself away, pulling myself away... why is it so hard?

Gigi said...

I have this same addiction. I don't smoke, I don't drink anymore, and I don't eat meat, but I do eat chocolate, and I loves me some internet!!

For me, it's the images that draw me in most, and you've collected some lovely ones here! xo