Tuesday, March 23, 2010


well, i found another poem, sorting through my stack of written word from my high school days, which seemed to capture the mood of this collection of flickr lovelies... so, i thought i would share another with this week's set.  this was one scribbled out of piece of notebook paper... i have such terrible penmanship anyway, so it took a bit of deciphering on the first read through!


"do you hear the words, or the feelings locked inside them?
can you hear the meanings?
is this my voice or only a harsh sound?

memory's voice tastes of meaning's warmth or cold

a fire providing heat and tranquility

fostering destruction

burning out with the breath of closed ears

can you hear only this silence?
still, can you not feel the heavy truth behind?

the truth of fighting freedom flight

can you hear the frustrations that cry out so loud to be heard. 
to be remembered. reborn?
or do you settle for the quiet words of expectation which seem to drown out all others

(click on the links below the captures to see each lovely picture on flickr and to see more work by these inspiring photographers)

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