Thursday, March 4, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

such an abundance of inspiration to be found in the collection howard lynk (via automatism) has put together of antique victorian microscope slides ... nature manipulated (and, in the case of the exhibition slides, painstakingly arranged) into works of timeless art... scientific history captured and frozen under glass... displaying the beauty of a fragile microscopic world within us and around us; our human eyes pass over, incapable of seeing unaided

these first pictures, below, come from the 'arranged' and 'exhibition' categories; tiny individual objects grouped together and arranged geometrically (even creating still life 'pictures', as seen in the last slide of this group, appearing as a bouquet of flowers).  objects included "foraminifera, radiolaria, diatoms, insect and butterfly scales, seeds, sponge spicules, ect." 

lynk's collection is a broad range of exhibition, insect, marine, fossils, minerals, botanical and beyond... and of early histology, including these two slides of "injected and corroded kidney section showing structures" and a "photomicrograph (dic) of section of human tongue"... incredible

visit 'a cabinet of curiosities' to enjoy the full collections

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