Thursday, March 11, 2010

inspiration on a thursday...

design around the world

first up, the captivating, primitive style pen and ink drawings from brooklyn based artist, elisabeth timpone (you can read an interview from the artist here)

and, from japan, comes the work of motoi yamamoto and his 'salt' installation series 

as part of yamamoto's 'returned to sea, project', the salt from each installation is returned to the ocean after the finish of each exhibition... you can check out all of the amazing images on the website (click on the 'project' link, and then 'all images') of people around the globe gathering the salt and returning it to the sea

and, finally, here is a sampling of the beautiful works of sculptural art (which also function as bookcases) from korean artist shawn soh

hope you're inspired today!


ColeAndJosephine said...

I love them all. The salt sculptures are my favorite. I am always amazed that someone would put all of that time and effort into something and then destroy it. I mean, what if you sneezed?

katy said...

that was my first thought! or that i would probably slip on some salt and land face first in the exhibition. it would be fun to be one of those who returns the salt to the ocean, but i'm not sure i could scoop up all that meticulous work!

Emily said...

wow! look at those bookshelves!