Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pretty images

pretty images from flickr to give your tuesday a little loveliness
as you can see, many are images of beautifully soft rooms... on my mind a lot as i spend time decorating my own home

new autumn nests, trees, and other creations are also making their way into my shop this week... here are a few that have just been added... along with a new house 'une petite maison' that has been added as well

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californiablue said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the pinecone nest :)

trinsch said...

great photos! what an honor to be among those :)

love your felt work, you're very talented!

katy said...

thanks so much ;)

and thanks, trinsch, for providing such a beautiful photograph to include in this collection! i'm in love with this house you grew up in... just so lovely

sammi said...

lovely!! (so good to see your work again...you and your sister just have a thing for making beautiful "cozy" fall things)