Wednesday, September 2, 2009

local food - 9/2

another week at the decatur farmers market... another delicious crop of food!

my sister, niece, and nephew came along this week, making it all the more fun... the kids enjoyed some yummy honey sticks while we perused the selections. and who knew how helpful a six year old could be... my nephew had fun helping me select the produce, as well as handling the weighing and money... although, he did ask each time if he could keep the change, which one time came out to be sixteen dollars... it was worth a try ;)

found this lovely bunch of raw peanuts, which are delicious as they are (well, not apparently to my niece and nephew!), but i think i will try roasting them... looks super easy, here's a recipe i found. i may even try my hand at making peanut butter!

i'm also excited that i made it in time to pick up some eggs this week. so deliciously farm fresh... they even had a few chicken feathers still attached! i'll have to try again next week for the milk... they were sold out in the first half hour and were awaiting more!

i've also added a few new autumn pieces to the shop:

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