Thursday, September 17, 2009

pretty things

some pretty images on this stormy night (here in the peach state anyway)... we've had three consecutive days of rain... or should i say RAIN! the sky has just seemed to open up, spilling out the oceans over our heads... where is noah when you need him? they're forecasting two more days of the same

it is nice to sit on my covered deck, watching the sheets of rain... when it's not lighting that is. although last night, we has such torrential storms and strong winds, the rain was actually hitting the roof and returning skyward in a solid sheet of upside down rain!

on days such as these, i really spend too much time here on the computer... as does my kitten tula! i heard strange voices in my house today, and, before i could pick up my phone and dial 911 to report burglars in my home, i found tula sitting in front of the computer. she had somehow managed to get on youtube, and was intently watching a 'twilight' trailer... she just gave me a look like 'what?... i get bored too'. i guess she's a fan, who knew. i guess she'll have to catch me up on the 'twilight' phenomenon

i did manage to create a bit as well today. just listed this new acorn wreath in my shop... again, created using found branches, wrapped in a lovely leaf print cotton. the fabric acorns are made using a mixture of new and vintage cotton, attached to real chinquapin acorn tops. the leaf was made using a delicious green wool, from purl soho in new york


DEK said...

Wow! Kittens and computers! Luna was talking to the computer this AM - but now is curled up on my lap making me have to adjust my typing fingers.

katy said...

oh yes... you learn a whole new typing technique with kittens!

californiablue said...

Lovely collection :)