Thursday, September 24, 2009

the bird or the egg

phewwff... we are finally swimming out of the rain here in atlanta... in my befuddled, soggy state this weekend, i accomplished very little i must say (fortunately i was able to stay safe and dry in my home)... although i did take a pair of scissors to my hair for some new bangs. a new season always seems like the time for a new look (and i am rather impulsive when it comes to my hair)

the emerging sunshine has been moving my hands to create once again

just added this set of two pieces of mixed media fiber art to my shop... which asks the question of which came first 'the bird or the egg'

combining ink illustration, hand stitched fabric, felted and stitched roving, and needle felting on canvas, each piece is mounted on a vintage metal embroidery hoop, with a circle of wool attached on the back


Laura said...

Love your art work of course but as usual, you are more beautiful 8-)

californiablue said...

Really like your new pieces, and your bangs look great!