Sunday, September 13, 2009

blackened salmon ~ a delicious mistake

here are a few meals made using ingredients from this week's trip to the decatur organic farmers market:

first up, one of my very favorite summertime meals (you'll find this one in my house at least once a week during the season) broiled salmon, green beans (deliciously combined with fresh tomatoes and onions), and red potatoes

i have to say, this week i had a blackened salmon... a delicious mistake! quite the drama in my kitchen as the aluminum foil the fish was cooking on somehow caught fire! of course, i naturally assumed it was simply one of my neighbors ("hmmm... someone must not be a very good cook!", i thought), only to open my oven to flames growing by the second! fortunately, i was able to keep my head (while screaming... with images of my charred apartment, gone up in flames, racing through my mind), and instead of whipping out the fire extinguisher and ruining the fish, i grabbed a cup of water and splashed the aluminum... after a few last bursts of flame, the fire went out with a hiss. the salmon was now a little blackened, but actually quite yummy. i may have to try my hand at blackened salmon again... but, perhaps without the fire next time ;)

the salmon was seasoned with fresh basil, rosemary, and garlic chives from my garden (oh how lovely it is to finally have a space for growing herbs!). these herbs were all purchased from my local community garden. the green beans and heirloom tomatoes are from the farmers market

tonight, i made a lovely eggplant casserole, made using this recipe (only substituting with fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella) , with the gorgeous local purple japanese eggplant, also from the organic farmers market... no fire tonight ;) so yummy, and i think left overs will pair nicely with a bit of pasta

(oh, and the milk i scored this week is positively scrumptious!)

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Emmaandmaha said...

That is a very tasty menu Katy. I love your choices!! You're definitely a smart eater. Good for you. I'll be checking in to see what other ideas you might have. i love the eggplant casserole.