Monday, October 5, 2009

fly, fly away

vintage partridge by sweetlovevintage

the pearly eyelet dress by jessjamesjake

flora retro cream pitcher by brightwallvintage

fringe in copper by seedknits

apologies for the lack of posts this last week ~

it has been a week where i've felt continually anxious to do something, yet can't settle to actually accomplish anything i really need to do... does anyone ever feel this way?

hmmm, i guess the best way to describe it would be that i feel that i have some really wonderful and exciting life changing event about to happen that i can't wait to begin working on, yet i've somehow forgotten what that event is? it is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and frustration all at once... perhaps it can be attributed to the change in weather and season?

hopefully my mind and body will settle this week to something productive... i have many ideas for the shop for this holiday season, so i'd best get creating!

in the meantime... i thought i'd share a few of my current etsy favorites ;)


trinsch said...

these are all so beautiful and inspiring. and i know the feeling of wanting to do so much, yet not really getting anything done.

californiablue said...

I especially love the vintage partidge - the color and detailing is wonderful. Thanks for sharing :)