Sunday, November 13, 2011

weekend thrifting...

yesterday, my sister and i made our way over to junktique, a favorite annual event for thrifting... which, once again, did not disappoint.  so, i thought i'd share a few captures i took this morning of some of the weekend thrifting finds (and a few from around the house)...

above:  two never-used restoration hardware lampshades (two for $2) ; a pair of glass bottles, which apparently were salvaged from the river thames ($1 a piece) ; and a lovely framed antique photograph ($5)

i'd been searching for a glass house terrarium for quite a while now, and was excited to find this lovely yesterday ($10)... i will try very, very hard not to neglect (and murder) any and all future plants it may hold.  in the meantime, i think i will put in a few of my textile plants... honestly, it seems a safer alternative for a serial plant-killer such as myself

a laundry hamper has also been on my list of must-haves... this old hamper, with just the right amount of character, was only $8!

and then, as if these treasures were not fulfilling enough, i stumbled upon this wooden ikea bar table on my walk home from the farmer's market this morning... with a big free sign on top!  it's exactly what i've been needing in the kitchen, so i quickly ran up the street, threw my bag of produce in the car and sped around the corner before it could be claimed by someone else.  not only free, but already assembled as well!!...  saving me from losing my mind and yelling inappropriate things at an inanimate object (which is just an inevitable part of assembling ikea furniture?  right??)

with the bar table in place in the kitchen, i was able to move this table (a junktique find from two years ago, ironically) into my studio space, to be used once again as a desk...

a quick hanging of an ikea lantern (which may or may not have involved me standing on a a rather unsteady pile of objects to reach the tall ceiling) over the table, for light

and just a few more pictures from around the house (i'll share more images of the overall progress soon), including a newly sewn kitchen curtain (made from an old curtain panel and vintage buttons)

 the bottles fit in nicely with my ever-changing collection on the mantle

the large, old, black-framed beveled mirror was a thrilling thrifting find from a few weeks ago ($12.50)

and a little peak of what the world is looking like just outside the house, here in atlanta in mid-november

happy sunday


Georgina said...

wow you really do have some great thrifting finds... my favourite is the black-framed mirror.

ImSoVintage said...

Everything looks so great. (I would have preferred to not have heard about the standing on the pile of shaky objects) :)

Cary Walker said...

ha ha! i do that too to hang things. we need to read the kids safety book again... "rule #100, no standing on piles of crap to hang things"... to go along with "rule #99, no standing on swivel chairs" (which i've totally done too). everything looks beautiful!!