Monday, November 7, 2011


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perhaps it's the november air 
temperatures rising and falling, pulling me out. pushing me back in. 
as the sun teases with unexpected warmth...
only to dance around the clouds that float in on northerly winds; 

but it feels, lately, as if i'm constantly in some state between savoring the coziness of home and a desire to travel the open roads.  maybe a longing for something... that's leaving me unsettled? or just the cycling nature of a changing season? who knows...  it's in these little moments, however, that i find myself turning on music and diving into a new project.  pulling out a few fabrics and a needle and thread, and setting off on an unknown journey into something new

sooooo, after that bit of rambling, here are some of the sounds of my night... lovely rhythms for my fingers to move to.  i can't even begin to express how much music inspires and influences my creative process as an artist

{ 'the trawlerman's song' (vashti bunyan cover) ; daniel martin moore ; facebook }

happy monday

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