Saturday, November 19, 2011

saturday shopping list, november 19th...

€45,000 eur 
the sword. skinny tie necktie (cranberry red), by underthepyramids

"it's mornings like this;
the stingy sun trying to hold back
even the warmth of its reflection
flashing coldly in the lake.
when november leaves drop in sudden gusts,
like a red and yellow flock of birds
swooping at once to ground.
or even nights:
when winds reach wet hands
to take you spinning with random paper
down back street gutters, under straining bridges
to clogged rivers.
it's this:
the time of year, along with spring,
when poets must take care
not to sing the same old songs
stolen from tribal memory."

~  'autumn caveat' , thomas r. drinkard

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deluxe - i am here - your neighborhood custom map play mat, by boardstiff

toddler bedding set - white. light grey little houses print. ivory ribbon, by colettebream

girl's legwarmer leggings... grey with black and white stripes, by lillipopsdesigns

festive holiday flour sack towel with christmas trees, by besty

large antique frame chalkboard, by rigandtwig

original painting fine art painting portrait original art drawing, by thehauntedhollowtree

prep bowl in white, by clamlab

flower girl dress in natural ivory. eco wedding. fleur (organic cotton). hand crocheted, by purepixie

greeting card - lady with village on her head, by sandraeterovic

a n t i q u e  german hymnbook of 1885, from mablum

small set of royal china dishes with classic sherwood design, from timevalley

writing with sylvia journal, by literaryluxe

175.00 chf
sewing pattern lamp, by umbu

totoro - pendant necklace, by munieca

happy saturday


Alex and Joanne - rigandtwig said...

You have the most sublime taste, Katy. What a collection of beautiful things, so well photographed. I have half of these in my favorites! Thank you for making us part of it!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Great to meet you Katy and to peruse your beautiful blog. My little card is very proud to be among your stunning selection of goods.
Thank you and all the best

Julie said...

Loving your blog - cannot wait to read see more! thank you