Wednesday, November 9, 2011


stitching and painting poinsettia leaves this november morning, for holiday garlands and textile plants... from recycled wool and linen fabrics, in various shades of red and white

i'm having quite a bit of fun playing around with texture, with various painting techniques and fabrics, and with shaping each leaf using a wire core... this is proving addictive!

(as i was stitching these, a man strolled down the sidewalk by my house singing 'i'll be home for christmas'... nice of him to create a bit of ambiance while i work)

happy wednesday

**update: adding more 'in progress' photos on flickr


Iniyaal said...

Love the color and texture of these leaves. I have been doing flowers from fabric and wire.. Shaping the petals, flowers and stamens using fabric on wire and stitching them together sure is addictive.

katy said...

it really is! thanks so much for the kind words