Saturday, October 1, 2011

saturday shopping list - october 1st...

$72 cad 
the skinny scarf, by galitmastai

"her voice is low and gives a hollow sound;
she hates the light and is in darkness found
or sits with blinking lamps, or tapers small,
which various shadows make against the wall.
she loves nought else but noise which discord makes;
as croaking frogs whose dwelling is in lakes;
the raven's hoarse, the mandrake's hollow groan
and shrieking owls which fly i' the night along;
the tolling bell, which for the dead rings out;
a mill, where rushing waters run about;
the roaring winds, which shake the cedars tall,
plough up the seas, and beat the rocks withal.
she loves to walk in the still moonshine night,
and in a thick dark grove she takes delight;
in hollow caves, thatched houses, and low cells
she loves to live, and there alone she dwells."

"i dwell in groves that gilt are with the sun;
sit on the banks by which clear waters run;
in summers hot down in a shade i lie,
my music is the buzzing of a fly;
i walk in meadows where grows fresh green grass;
in fields where corn is high i often pass;
walk up the hills, where round i prospects see,
some bushy woods, and some all champaigns be;
returning back, i in fresh pastures go,
to hear how sheep do bleat, and cows do low;
in winter cold, when nipping frosts come on,
then do i live in a small house alone."

~  mirth and melancholy ; by margaret cavendish

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cocoa brown distressed leather flatnose ankle boots, from magpiesshop

original painting. figurative. autumn. oil, by marina826

papago basket bowl, from oldwestgems

girls with yarn, by studiobeerhorst

vintage stoneware bottle, from lovintagefinds

i have been waiting (dexterity game), by woodlucker

green autumn vintage wool cottage blanket, from bohoquilts

handwoven superwash wool sweater rag rug, by fiveforty

$62 cad 
long sleeve shrug in prairie brown. double cross neck wrap, by consciouslyaltered

bronzed rain leather earrings, by hende

wooden rolling pin vintage farmhouse cottage kitchen, from octavi

family stroll, by kikiandpolly

happy saturday


Pegg said...

Wow, what a gorgeous collection!
I am honoured to have my rug included here, thank you!

Marta said...

Wow you have a great taste. Love all featured here and I'm very honoured to be among them.. Thanks!

Old West Gems said...

Just beautiful. Thank you, Katy.