Saturday, October 22, 2011

saturday shopping list, october 22nd...


2 linen tea towels in brown with red and black stitching, by pamelatang

"i sought among the drifting leaves,
the golden leaves that once were green,
to see if love were hiding there
and peeping out between.

for thro' the silver showers of may
and thro' the summer's heavy heat,
in vain i sought his golden head
and light, fast-flying feet.

perhaps when all the world is bare
and cruel winter holds the land,
the love that finds no place to hide
will run and catch my hand.

i shall not care to have him then, 
i shall be bitter and a-cold -
it grows too late for frolicking
when all the world is old.

then little hiding love, come forth,
come forth before the autumn goes,
and let us seek thro' ruined paths
the garden's last red rose."

~ 'love in autumn' ,  sara teasdale

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boat scene painting, on antique reverse glass, from englishshop

vintage indian summer cot, pendleton native american blanket fabric, by indianvsindian

the golden sun (set of 8) - pure beeswax ornaments / sun medallion, by prettydreamer

laura. a bohemian vintage ikat fringe and feather necklace., by rootsandfeathers

farmhouse hand carved wood spoon. primitive. long handle. deep bowl., from goodbonesvintageco

print of a collage/painting, by karineleger2

toasty warm leggings in huskie on a dog sled grey, by isobelandcleo

€ 135,00 eur
french farmhouse sculpture - french country home, by artisanieeurope

pressed herbs- rye in frame, by regularhome

vintage gold and copper bulb earrings, by wanderlustings

£13 gbp 
large ceramic pouring jug in speckled ice blue - handmade stoneware pitcher, by littlewrenpottery

sale - trees of the carolinian forest poster, by jennarosehandmade

1930s vanity desk. antique. dresser drawers. bohemian chic. boudoir, from rhapsodyattic

happy saturday


Svetlana said...

Great finds!

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Violet Bella said...

gorgeous collection of finds! thanks for including my necklace :)

pamelatang said...

lovely collection of works! thanks alot for including my tea towels!

Rachel @ Rhapsody Attic said...

Thank you so much for including my vanity here! You have such a lovely blog! Best wishes to you!!