Saturday, October 15, 2011

saturday shopping list, october 15th...

hand crochet linen table cloth, from nowvintage

"it stands alone on a haunted shore,
with curious words of deathless lore
on its massive gate impearled;
and its carefully guarded mystic key
locks in its silent mystery
from the seeking eyes of the world.

oft do its stately walls repeat
echoes of music wildly sweet
swelling to gladness high -
with mournful ballads of ancient time,
and funeral hymns - and a nursery rhyme
dying away in a sigh.

pictures out of each haunted room,
up through the ghostly shadows loom,
and gleam with a spectral light;
pictures lit with a radiant glow,
and some that image such desolate woe
that, weeping, you turn from the sight.

shining like stars in the twilight gloom
brows as white as a lily's bloom
gleam from its lattice and door;
and voices soft as a seraph's note,
through its mysterious chambers float
back from eternity's shore."

~ an excerpt from 'the haunted castle', by marietta holley

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vtg 1960s leather jacket - small/medium - caramel/beige/tan - long coat, from myavonlea

the barley cowl, by anotherfeather

40s black sheer dress, from petrune

bearded - screen printed canvas tote bag, by depeapa

vintage embroidered tv screen test pattern wall art, by bylina

blue cotton sweat shirt embroidered with leather feathers "ara", by lebestiaire

5 tiny green books - little leather library: gilbert. burns. kipling. tennyson., from montanacamp

prufrock 1 8x10, by belafontesbunsa

handmade maroon harem pants. new fall collection - wear three different ways, by cloud9jewels

€45,00 eur
made to measure - comfy orange spats - reversible - brown tweed and corduroy, by merrybe

€35,00 eur
hand woven rag run 2.7' x 2.9'. dark blue. light blue. zigzag, by gunasalete

antique ornate framed photo print of young woman, from imsovintage

norwegian wood knit sweater, from shhstoptalking

sale. linen table runner. chrysanthemum., by ponyandpoppy

happy saturday


ImSoVintage said...

Lovely choices. Thanks so much for including my picture.

amy said...

What a splendid collection! It's an honor to be featured here. Thank you, Katy.
Amy~pony & poppy

Cary Walker said...

that girl in the old photo looks like you! weird:)

LeBestiaire said...

Thanx so much for including my "Série Volatiles" sweat-shirt ! :)