Saturday, June 25, 2011

saturday shopping list - june 25th...


this little light of mine - photography art, by honeytree

"i used to imagine him
coming from the house, like merlin
strolling with important gestures
through the garden
where everything grows so thickly,
where birds sing, little snakes lie
on the boughs, thinking of nothing
but their own good lives,
where petals float upward,
their color exploding,
and trees open their moist 
pages of thunder - 
it has happened every summer for years.

but now i know more
about the great wheel of growth,
and decay, and rebirth,
and know my vision for a falsehood.
now i seed him coming form the house -
i see him on his knees,
cutting away the diseases, the superfluous,
coaxing the new,
knowing that the hour of fulfillment
is buries in years of patience -
yet willing to labor like that
on the mortal wheel.

oh, what good it does the heart
to know it isn't magic!
like the human child i am
i rush to imitate -
i watch him as he bends
among the leaves and vines
to hook some weed or other;
i think of him there
raking and trimming, stirring up
those sheets of fire
between the smothering weights of earth,
the wild and shapeless air."

~  'stanley kunitz',  by mary oliver

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sand - cotton scarf, by dearjuneshop


rose hips peekaboo ohhh lulu ruffle bloomers, by ohhhlulu


huge antique vintage french skeleton key to my heart, from arctidassupplies


 ivory vintage adult long tutu skirt, by studiowedbymirela


fern wine glasses -- set of 2, by marywibis


blossoms belt, by mignonnehandmade


double flower garden crown, by littlehoneypies


skyway mint green suitcase - 1940s, from mirandas31


dawn sharp custom silk charmouse full length gown, by dawnsharp


stoneware dove facing right, by andersenstudio


adjustable crochet summer straw sun hat, by beliz82


the bohemian top, by onelovebird


toddler play shorts size 3, by lovelierseas

happy saturday


Arctida said...

Wonderful shopping list! Thank you for the feature :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

What an artful, beautiful collection. It was a joy to look through all these fabulous items and an honor to be included in the list. xoxo mary

SMA said...

Beautiful images and a moving poem Our stoneware dove feels at home.

L.Grainne said...

Thank you so much !
these are so lovely together
What a gorgeous poem