Friday, June 24, 2011


three more beautiful listens on a friday.  

as i continue the always stressful task of packing up my house (in prep for yet another move in a few weeks),  i find myself once again turning to a few of the true loves in my life... coffee and good music. and coffee.

i've been alternating back and forth between stitching custom orders and packing boxes and running around like a crazy person.  and constantly on the verge of tossing the rest of my belongings out the window and calling it done.  

a week of finding myself so distracted and forgetful that i actually made three trips to the same store yesterday, each time making it all the way home before realizing i'd failed to yet again buy everything i needed (i just gave up after trip three).  the cashier's look, by trip three, screamed 'crazy woman!'.  agreed, cashier woman... i have indeed been touched with the crazies this week (or maybe just in general).  i think it's time for some f.u.n. this weekend. 

happy friday

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