Tuesday, June 7, 2011


{dig down deep ; vandaveer }

three listening lovelies for today... vandaveer, samantha crain, and ben sollee

all three are new favorites.  all three inspirational.  unique.  beautiful.  sincere.  soulful.

good for the heart music

{ prettiest tree on the mountain ; ben sollee }

an artist who happens to be from my hometown of lexington, ky... here is a little about ben's 'ditch the van tour' (from his bio)  

"Later in 2010, Ben embarked on the “Ditch The Van Tour.” Ben and his band abandoned the comforts of a motorized vehicle and hauled their gear and instruments (yep, the cello too) across the country on bicycles. Ben’s mission was to engage a greater sense of community involvement at every performance. By huffing it on two-wheels between cities, instead of driving or flying, Ben and his crew were able to discover people and facets of our country in ways that traditional touring could not allow. “It’s not about being green or even sustainable… we want to exploit the limitations of the bicycle to slow down and experience the rich communities and people that I’ve spent years flying-by and driving past.”

happy tuesday

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