Sunday, June 19, 2011


the depth feels what it is to
move. quiver upon quiver. as the rising warmth plays
'round the morning chill, 
mingling to unconsciously bend the spine.  

petal upon petal falls away

and flower and dew wade through this dance of new touch.

how the sweet beads of clear moisture curl, one into the next,
until the beginning and end cease to exist 
to the senses. in a rose hued
reflection upon itself.

this sugar coating of 
droplets sustains the moment in endless grasp, 
as the once protected heart of bloom 
learns what it is to taste.

to taste 'til time catches up to pull the center, to carry away,
into the tangled pile of aroma, tenderly schooling
the air in perfect scent.

petal upon petal of earth to grow

~  ' opening'

words i wrote a while ago... words which seemed to fit with the images of the textile roses i've been working on the last few days


happy sunday


Cary Walker said...

beautiful words and work!

ImSoVintage said...

my goodness. you never fail to amaze me my sweet daughter.

Tricia Best said...

im in love w the new roses... beautiful work Katy !

katy said...

thanks... you guys are all so sweet ;)

K said...

gorgeous! The words and the flowers <3

katy said...

thanks so much ;)

Lisa said...

your work never fails to absolutely amaze me... wow ...

katy said...

thanks so much, lisa ;)