Tuesday, January 18, 2011

'to do' list...

trying to work through a few of the never ending list of 'to do' projects around the house.  there are pillow covers to be made, chairs to be painted, seats to be recovered...  

and i've had a pair of large painted canvas panels (bought several years ago on sale at urban outfitters) just hanging around... they were long ago taken off the walls, the colors and patterns no longer working with my changing decor.  but i knew that they could, and should, be reused in some way.  eventually.  

in fact, i even held on to them through the big move from new york (one of those stressed filled times when i gave away an abundance of lovely pieces, simply to avoid having the mind-numbing heaps of boxes and furniture to be moved from sending me over the edge into crazy land).  yet, these two panels somehow made it through!  

i finally pulled one out this morning, determined to put it back to use  

the thrift store down the street always has a section of 69 cent pillow cases, so i'm often carrying home pretty vintage ones.  some are in perfect condition, just waiting to be laundered and put on the bed.  others, like this pretty blue floral case, have a few flaws, and need to be repurposed.  and, so, the perfect marriage occurs... the canvas panel and the pretty case... adorned with a strip of creamy linen fabric (which is actually from these all cotton ikea curtains... i've lost count of the number of times i've used fabric from these curtains for various projects.  the price is unbeatable!)

so, i've at least accomplished one small task on that list... certain impulsive projects take me all of an hour from idea to completion, while others lay waiting for months at a time

it was last may that i wrote about wanting to make this terrarium.  i knew myself well enough to predict that christmas might arrive before i completed the task, well christmas has come and gone... 

diy terrarium, via country living

while in serenbe, ga over the holidays, i spotted a similar terrarium in one of the stores, which looked so delightfully lovely, that i'm determined to keep this project on the 'to do' list!

happy tuesday

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