Monday, January 17, 2011

perfect time...

sometimes you just need a few moments to see the world as a kid again...

how i loved climbing into a real photo booth growing up, seeing who could make the goofiest faces.  to capture the memory of whatever exhilarating adventure we were having for the day... a trip to the amusement park, or the zoo, or out shopping and giggling with friends.  the place never really mattered.  

the wonderful anticipation of the strip popping out.  laughing and pointing at these small captures of bliss.  a testimony to the thrill of such a day.  giving importance to these little moments you created in the world

in a time when eighteen seemed ancient (when 18 and 36 and 72 are all lumped together in that foreign concept of 'grownup'), childhood let you see the today.  carrying this thin strip of delightful memory in your tiny hand.  you've already moved on to your next adventure

now, as an adult, i so readily give in to the jumping and squealing pleas from my niece and nephew and the kids i used to nanny, of "please, please, pleeeeaaaaase can we do the photo booth!!"; quickly relenting after a few vague grumbles of how these five dollar booths once only cost a simple quarter.  all of us climbing in the now tiny space... giggling as you try to fit your heads in the frame and cross your eyes and stick out your tongue before the next flash goes off

and then you move on...  you've captured four individual nano seconds of perfect time

happy monday

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ImSoVintage said...

and you still look like that beautiful, sweet little girl to me.