Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year...

how neglectful i've been of both the blog and the shop over the last several weeks!  that 'not feeling well' from the last post turned into the full blown flu over the holidays... and now i'm left with the aftermath of exhaustion and bronchitis

in between bouts of napping this week, however, i've begun the sad affair of dismantling the christmas decorations... sad because as soon as they come down each year, i'm instantly ready for spring.  such unfortunate timing that the holiday falls at the beginning of winter :(  

i was quite the lucky girl over christmas though, and received a rather large pile of delicious gifts.  many vintage lovelies to add to my home and carry me through the cold months ahead (including the lovely mirror and cameos in the photo above).  a kindle to fulfill my ever present need for books (with no more space on the shelves to put them!)... this has been quite a useful gift while lounging about with the sicks!   and a whole set of new scissors to motivate my hands to start creating new pieces for the shop!

and i was so excited to unwrap 'the dancer'  (a beautiful canvas print by tushtush, which i had been admiring for a while now).  it was a present from my sweet nephew and niece... thanks to my sweet sister ;)

i've been rearranging a few things again around the house as well, moving my antique trunk to use as an end table for the couch, and bringing in this white trunk (which was my grandfather's war chest) to use as a coffee table

i've been holding on to the rather large vintage embroidery hoop above the couch for some time now, with plans to eventually turn it into a textile 'living wall' of succulents

picked up another chair from the thrift store last month as well (i'm gathering quite a collection of mismatched chairs for that dining table i've yet to find!), which i promptly recovered in this vintage barkcloth fabric

my tree is the last of the decorations to go, simply because i dread both taking down the ornaments and lugging the tree out of the house!  i must do this, i must do this, i must do this...

and speaking of musts,  i really need to make my way back into my studio and begin a stitch fest of new pieces for the shop

and now speaking of shops, we've begun to add new lovelies to the prairie seed shop for the new year... with many, many more to come (and many more pieces to sew!)

a very happy new year to all of you, with all sorts of good wishes for lovely things to come!

happy wednesday


Katia said...

Your home is basically my dream home, absolutely everything about it is wonderful and the colours too. It's like a dream!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Looks beautiful - love the dancer.

katy said...

thanks so much to both of you ;)

Cary said...

everything looks so pretty! invite me over sometime would ya;)