Saturday, January 15, 2011

saturday shopping list - january 15th


vintage ticking bolster, by enhabiten

"'tis a dull sight
to see the year dying,
when winter winds 
set the yellow wood sighing:
sighing, oh! sighing.

when such a time cometh,
i do retire
into and old room
beside a bright fire:
oh, pile a bright fire!...

then the clouds part,
swallow soaring between;
the spring is alive,
and the meadows are green!

i jump up, like mad,
break the old pipe in twain,
and away to the meadows,
the meadows again!"

~  excerpts from 'the meadows in spring', edward fitzgerald

enjoying both the privilege of a warm home for wintery days and the dream of warm meadows to come...

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ironstone transferware bowl set, from somotherprairie


vintage straw lamb, from shavingkitsupplies


feather vase, by brooklynrehab


 linen pillow with mini ruffles, by fullbloomcottage


d i a m o n d h e a r t  crochet dress, by seedknits


vintage metal water can, from katybitsandpieces


old world rose handstitched journal, by odelae


echelon pillow, by avecdieu


tulip dress... thick linen dress (one size fits all), by cocoricooo


antique victoria edwardian striped chambray, from leonasoldelinens


vintage 80s double strap mary janes, from persephonevintage

happy saturday


ImSoVintage said...

lovely choices as always.

katybitsandpieces said...

love every item!

Leona's Old Linens said...

You have wonderful taste! So many wonderful items.