Thursday, August 27, 2009

local food - 8/26

paid my first (of many to come i'm sure) visit to the decatur organic farmers market yesterday... all of the food is organically and locally grown

picked up a delicious crop of food... i should have taken a picture of the scrumptious green beans and heirloom tomatoes from my dinner last night, but i dove right in and ate it all up before i could! they were even more beautiful to my taste buds. does a delicious, fresh piece of produce ever bring tears to your eyes (did i mention i love food!)

this will i'm sure become a weekly event for me, and the market is open year round... i will try to take a picture each week of what i've picked up, and some of the market itself. i hope next week to find some fresh eggs... i was a little too late this week... the woman in front of me purchased the last dozen :(


AzureChina said...

This is totally my kind of blog! I can't believe you dont have more followers yet! It will come I am sure!

Very impressed with the pictures too!

I'm your newest follower, found you in the Etsy forums!

I just started blogging 2 days ago, I blog about handmade but also health, travel and nutrition!

Hope to see you there at

Can't wait to read more posts!

katy said...

thanks so much, azure!

i'm just really getting back to blogging after several months of very sloowww posting... made a big move out of state, and am just now getting settled again.

congrats on the new blog... off to check it out!

Sleepy Moon Design said...

I Love to go to the farmers market! I am moving soon and there will be one right around the corner from my place I am so excited!

Cary Walker said...

ah, i want to go next time! though it might not be such a peaceful experience with me and the crazies along... wait, it will be just me and one crazy!!

katy said...

sleepy moon, that IS exciting! especially right around the corner... i just love the farmer's too, and am so excited that it will be here all year long!

cary, you know i love those crazies to come along... it makes it all the more exciting! and it will be two crazies, because the market is only open from 4-7 :)