Monday, August 24, 2009

as one

a new piece has finally been added to the shop!
'as one' is a mixed media fiber art, combining ink illustration, hand sewn fabric, and hand embroidery on canvas and wool

as always, i began with a sketch, and then began my work on canvas... i was trying to capture the harmonious world of nature, blurring the lines between the beginning and end of the bird and tree... to feel as if they breathe and move as one

the leaves/feathers are made using a lovely hand felted wool, with hand embroidery used throughout the entire piece

you can see more images of the piece on my flickr

busily working on a new house as well, which i hope to add to the shop this week... so lovely to be creating once again... looking forward to some autumn inspiration to really move my hands in the upcoming months as well ... summer always seems to draw me outdoors to other pursuits! it looks as if summer will last quite a bit longer though, here in georgia, so i must find a way of settling down and focusing on my work!

**** here is another sneak peak at my upcoming blog giveaway from handmadecharlotte
later this week... you can see the post below for another look at this sweet, wee skirt ;)


Alicia Istanbul said...

I like seeing how your sketch came to life. Very cool.

Cary Walker said...

looks so beautiful!wish i could snatch it up!