Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the simplicity of style...

{ sessun fw 2011/2012 collection }

while i may be able to only add a few pieces to my wardrobe every now and then, i'm grateful to be able to appreciate and feel the beauty of an image of fashion, without necessarily bringing it home.
grateful that, in this way, each piece becomes special, eventually passed on for the next person's enjoyment.  
grateful to be on the receiving end of a long ago forgotten, yet lovely, garment.  
grateful for those few special pieces which stay with me through the years.  
i'm grateful that, for me, an outfit is not only an essential item of day to day life, but something in which i can take pleasure in creating.  a bit of simple fun. 
grateful to recognize that the beauty comes not in the price tag, but through the eyes of a designer, and the hands that construct, and the cloth which falls uniquely against the contours of each individual body.
and i'm grateful for those outfits which become a part of memories. a sensory trigger to bring forth recollections of these little moments that make up life.
grateful that as night comes, i can peel off the layers of a day along with my clothes and throw on a pair of pajamas

"beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity."  ~ plato

the beautiful simplicity of this season's fashion...

 { unabashed apparel 2011 f/w collection }

 { fleur wood winter and spring 2011 }

{ steven alan fall 2011 collection }

{ sneak peak of hetterson's fw 2011/2012 collection, via {frolic!} }

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