Monday, September 5, 2011

east atlanta village farmer's market...

our labor day in atlanta?  pouring rain, and blowing winds, and darkened skies, with a dash of thunder claps and lighting flashes thrown in... and finally, FINALLY, cooler temperatures!

but here are some images of sun, and heat, and hula hooping, and goat milking, and cheese-making demoing... from the fall from summer festival, at the east atlanta village farmer's market

the hula hoops were courtesy of rebecca deshon (pictured above), of hoopessence...

my nephew is quite competitive (which may possibly be a family trait), and felt the need to attempt to master every possible hula hoop move in the span of ten minutes

we stayed to watch a cheese making tutorial, courtesy of decimal place farm (a.k.a. goat cheese deliciousness!)

and i picked up this sweet seagrass basket, to carry everything home...

happy monday

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