Saturday, February 26, 2011

saturday shopping list - february 26th...

$45 CAD

black & white plants poster - large, by treefox

"o the green things growing, the green things growing,
the faint sweet smell of the green things growing!
i should like to live, whether i smile or grieve,
just to watch the happy life of my green thins growing.

o the fluttering and the pattering of those green things growing!
how they talk each to each, when none of us are knowing;
in the wonderful white of the weird moonlight
or the dim dreamy dawn when the cocks are crowing.

i love, i love them so - my green things growing!
and i think that they love me, without false showing;
for by many a tender touch, they comfort me so much,
with the soft mute comfort of green things growing."

~  from 'green things growing', by dinah maria mulock craik


sparrows in flight paris france fine art photograph, by toniweberphotography


navy and denim blue tiger lily moccasins, by darlingtonia


vintage french enamel covered cheese plate, from zinniacottage


 dozen little pie tins, from raemj


aged child like white night-gown/dress, from blackflamingovintage


mckee jadite round coffee canister, from jaditekate


spellbound - original signed fine art photograph, by ellemoss


visitors, by joebaran


vintage sack dress, from thechurchofvintage


willerby limited edition archival print, by leahgiberson


i love you original, by marina826


5 little black books, by karleighjae


vintage.floral.feedsack.smock.5, from fruitsaladvintage

happy saturday


Zinnia Cottage said...

This is a beautiful collection of items and I am honored to have one of my items featured in this grouping. Thanks so much!!!

ImSoVintage said...

i had just marked that cheese plate as a favorite. yummy.

elle moss said...

love your choices! we have very similar taste :)
Leah Giberson is a favorite of mine!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, thanks so much for including my sparrows photo! i found some things here i must check out, great collection! xo.

KarleighJae said...

Beautiful and stunning finds. Thank you for featuring my little black books!

~Karleigh Jae