Thursday, February 3, 2011

ironstone pitcher and antique grain sack, anyone?...

ironstone pitcher

had to share this truly lovely blog, and amazing giveaway, from one of my favorite shops, simply objekts...

antique grain sack 

as i'm sure you've been able to guess, from perusing this blog, i take pure delight in beautiful vintage simplicity; and in particular, have quite a love for both pitchers and antique grain sacks.  so, imagine my delight upon seeing this giveaway for BOTH!  as much as i really, really would like to win, i felt i really needed to share with you lovely readers ;)

so head on over there, cross your fingers, and enjoy!

p.s.  today is my lovely sister's birthday!  happy birthday, cary!  this giveaway would be perfect for her as well, as my sister and brother-in-law have just purchased an absolutely beautiful 1800's farmhouse, here in atlanta... head over to her blog to follow this new adventure in urban farming!

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