Saturday, February 19, 2011

saturday shopping list - february 19th...


into the armoire fine art print, by deepwithinthearmoire

'the drop and flooding surge'

a golden place, 
once frozen to the winter's depth,  
seeps through. 
and, now, this choking from the
flooding surge.
light spilling through the cracked surface, 
parched from solitary breath.
awakens an organ, in recall of breath, and blood, and beat, 
as if that empty
hole never was;
except in the tiny, quiet space,
of memory's hold.
so tight the grasp, to prepare for inevitable 
and, easily, that liquid gold slips like silk,
held dormant in the unreachable drop.


butterfly garland - white-and-one, by thisneckofthewoods


yellow quilted hemp and ticking kapok cusion, by octavi


flown- signed print of an original ink and watercolor painting, by palepreoccupation


 the fall photo print, by aelalabbe


pixie and lulas tweety blouse (pre-order), by nadinoo


farmhouse window fine art photographic print, by nicholasbellphoto


mexican folk art embroidered skirt, from 5gardenias


the satchel tan leather tote, by scoutandcatalogue


vintage mid century pendant lamp, from hindsvik



 farmhouse basics vintage bauer batter bowl, from cottagefarm


vintage books by beauvoir and sartre set, from maisonpaulette


early 20th century round plum blossom & finch oil painting, from inspiredsalvage


maiden floral vine crown, by whichgoose

happy saturday


kathiroussel said...

what a perfectly wonderful grouping-- i'm delighted that you included the folk art skirt from 5gardenias-- thank you so much!

Rikkianne said...

Katy, this is an absolutely beautiful collection. Very honored to be included. You made my Saturday! Thank you.

Iris Schwarz / Paulette Edition said...

Thank you so much dear Katy! Lovely picks - have a wonderful Saturday!

Nicholas Bell said...

A beautiful and soulful collection! Thanks very much for including my photo.

DeadpanAlley said...

Astounding collection. I'm honored to be included here. I think I'll be quite a while exploring all the new finds! Heading straight to Deep Within the Armoire...
Thank you so much for including me.

Best Wishes, Liese Chavez

cottagefarm said...

thank you very much for including one of my items in this stunning shopping list. its beautiful.

Claire said...

This is such a beautiful collection Katy! Thank you so so much for including my garland! :)