Saturday, October 23, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 23rd

"so still, so sweet! with tender breezes blowing
amongst the hills and o'er the lowland sod,
and golden drifts of dead leaves softly strowing
the seed-graves hollow'd by the hands of god.

so grey and calm!  the crimson glory faded
from this low sky, pale blue and purple barred-
this placid sea, with steel and silver shaded- 
this fair earth, now with autumn furrows scarred.

in the decay such chasten'd beauty blending-
beauty late-born of peace, and hope, and rest,
as in a saintly life when near the ending,
when all its strife and labour has been blest.

the harvest-time is past. but there remaineth
the well-stored treasure-house- the hidden seed
that dead leaves help to nourish, which containeth
the germ of a new life that's life indeed."

~  from 'autumn', by ada cambridge

somewhere between, by theaterclouds

teal enamel pot, from thespicedpear

jackie o pera girls coat, by mindyourmarlos

happy saturday


Elly MacKay said...

Thank you so much for including my boat print. I love these items... thanks for the shopping list. elly

Unknown said...

Beautiful Saturday! :)
Peaceful and poetic, thank you so much, I'll have an inspired weekend!
Have a wonderful one.

Silueta porteƱa said...

Hi Katy!
After spent all day out I just came from cold foggy outside and this is what I realy need!
Nice choice, thank you

Evelyn said...

love all these finds! thanks so much for the feature!