Saturday, October 16, 2010

saturday shopping list - october 16th

 8 tiny prints, by ruttie

"the seine flows out of the mist
and into the mist again;
the trees lean over the water,
the small leaves fall like rain.

the leaves fall patiently
nothing remembers or grieves
the river takes to the sea
the yellow drift of leaves.

milky and cold is the air,
the leaves float with the stream,
the river comes out of sleep 
and goes away in a dream."

~   sara teasdale

primitive wood bowls, from sevenbc

vintage 8 dessert plates, from redtruckdesigns

victorian lady with hat, by jacksredbarn

 collection of vintage pots, from restlessgeneralstore

vintage bohemian traveler purse, from purpledeervintage

happy saturday


Opendoor Studio said...

this is wonderful! you have introduced me to some new shops I had not found before! thank you for featuring me in your lovely blog!

K said...

The illustrations in the first picture are just wonderful. Love :)