Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday shopping list - august 28th

purple sash on a straw hat, from otherpeoplesproperty

"... no the first day you think of autumn, when somehow

the sun singling out high windows,
a waiter settling a billow of white cloth
with glasses and silver, and the sparrows
shattering to nowhere are the Summer
waving that here is where it turns
and will no longer be walking with you,..."

~  excerpt from 'end of summer' (via the new yorker ), by james richardson

trio of bottles, by newdominionblues

botanical birds, by lorishippy

crochet thread lot destash, from estatehound

happy saturday


K said...

i absolutely love that lace necklace!

┼×eyda said...
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elde said...

What a great post! This looks fabulous! Thank you for including my cardigan, I'm so flattered!

luckylittledot said...

Wow! We love your picks! It is so nice to be included here. Thank you for thinking of us!

white owl said...

Thank you so much for adding our necklace to such a pretty collection! :)