Monday, August 23, 2010

a little time at home...

well, i have so many new projects for the shop floating about in my head... but i felt i needed to concentrate on first putting in a bit of work into the office space.  it's still very much a work in progress, but i did procure various shelving and a fews bits and bobs to send me on my way...

i also made a quick trip to the antique/flea market, hoping to find a few lamps, etc. for the office, but somehow came away with not a lamp in hand?  i did buy the lovely little sailboat model in the picture above, now sitting on my mantle  (i know, completely non office related), for almost nothing... love quirky, unique pieces like this

now, here is an office related purchase, a new little shelf from ikea.  i opted for the super cheap wood brackets, and just gave them a pretty blue coat of paint.  the lovely little banner, a gift from my sis, is by june craft.  it adds such cheer to the room

in order to make the necessary space for the studio (i've converted half of my bedroom into a work space), i had to rearrange a bit... i moved this antique white dresser in to the dining room space, and filled the wall behind with lots of delicious vintage art, plates, baskets, etc. (the pretty non-vintage print on the bottom far right is from lily moon)

another find from the market... this basket is office related, right?  it was just too sweet, and too good of a bargain, to pass up, and i have lots of material to fill it with.  

and speaking of a bargain,  i stumbled across this most fabulous hand crocheted bed spread toward the end of the shopping trip.  when i saw the price tag, and the unbelievable sale price, i quickly dropped several of my intended purchases (yes, some of these were office related) and snatched it right up.  several people stopped to look at it in my arms and note the beauty and amazing price... i had to proudly agree with them ;)

i finally sewed myself a pin cushion as well.  i notoriously stick needles and pins into random objects when i'm working... and then lose them.  so, this should hopefully help.  and it's cute to look at while i work!

tula is enjoying sitting in 'her' new chair next to my desk  ( i found this last month in the 'as is' department at ikea... nothing wrong with it at all, and quite a bit cheaper than the normal price!)

happy monday


Katia said...

lovely finds, I love all of the white you have in your home :) Super clean and beautiful!

katy said...

thanks so much ;)
and yes i tend to always be attracted to whites and soft colors in my home... i love a relaxing space in this often chaotic world!

SImple and Serene Living said...

everything looks great. You got some really wonderful finds.

georgina said...

you create some lovely settings and displays - and i relate to the 'necessary' essentials for your office space! ha ha. it's hard not to rescue lovely pieces from second-hand shops when you spot them.

katy said...

thanks all,

and, georgina, i know... it's dangerous for me to enter a whole, large second-hand shop with lovely pieces all around me! i think it's slightly easier on etsy, where i can focus my search for the essential items ;)