Saturday, May 2, 2009

saturday shopping list - may 2nd

1 ~ small white serving bowl, by caroleepp

2 ~ stretch out and wait, by lifeinsugarhollow

3 ~ spun cotton flower girl, by vintagebycrystal

4 ~ princess phone, from imsovintage

it is a wet, spring morning here in atlanta today... cardinals playing and birds calling, squirrels teasing, raindrops sliding off leaves to create a pitter patter in the woods... all after a night filled vividly with dreams brought on by open windows and showers raining down through the trees. oh how this spring morning has romanced me, all reflected in today's shopping list selections.

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1 comment:

blossom said...

such a beautiful shopping list completely in love with the lovely white bowl & the blossom pic....take care, and have a lovely weekend xx