Saturday, April 25, 2009

oops... and saturday shopping list, april 25th

atlanta, georgia

1 ~ handmade pocket skirt, by handmadecharlotte
such a sweet and whimsical way for little girls to
store all their secret treasures collected in the woods

2 ~ modern spinning wheel, by ford4him
oh how i've always wanted a spinning wheel...
and here is a lovely handcrafted wheel made
from red oak... and affordable too!

3 ~ corey, by kirby
i just love the colors and simplicity of this piece,
based on a traditional folk song

a big OOPS, for not posting on my blog in... well, we'll just forget how long it's been. i had planned on continuing to blog as soon as i had made the move down here to atlanta last month... but my health just hasn't wanted to cooperate. such southern beauty down here to share... which i hope to begin doing more frequently. also hope to begin creating again soon for my shop

thought i would begin sending out a little georgia love, by sharing these atlanta based artists for this weeks shopping list

visit fancypicnic for links to all the saturday shopping lists


blossom said...

lovely simple list......had thought of giving my list a blue tone this week too, but.....well if you have chance to pop over to blossom, you'll see i found too many images of (gorgeous) sewing threads instead

take care xx

Leslie said...

I love the list, especially the skirt! There's a giveaway from one of my featured sellers this week, she's giving away some cute lavender sachets.

Light and Writing said...

Great list! Love the last piece!