Thursday, May 21, 2009


well, my shop is quite bare at the moment... sigh
i finally feel a bit better, after a rough april, and so we've been doing a bit of georgia wandering this week... i've also started sewing again, so hopefully i can replenish the shop soon

first up was a drive down the road to kennesaw mountain, the sight of a civil war battle... apparently, the confederate and union soldiers stood on opposing mountain ridges a mile apart, and across a large valley, when firing their cannons... we saw several cannons up on the ridge and down in the civil war museum

there was also an abundance of wild mountain flowers in bloom up on the trail... hard to imagine that such a deadly battle once occurred in this place of vast beauty

hillside roses

showing off her new birdie

vibrant moss

civil war cannon

next up... a drive through the glorious (and winding!) mountains to the small town of helen, georgia. helen is a funny little tourist village... a combination of bavarian style architecture (and food) with a kitschy 1950's feel. i had actually visited helen a few times before in high school while on retreats in the mountains... so strange to come back as an adult!

a hot day... especially after running around the helen park

bavarian style architecture, in a recreation of an alpine village

the kids had 'superman' ice cream to cool off (i had
rocky road)... but the heat was beating us!

fortunately, big brothers are good for helping to eat your ice cream
before it all melts

my grandmother is a 'granny' too, while my grandfather
was 'pappy'... although my sister and i didn't really grow up in the south,
we're from a southern family (kentucky)

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Cary Walker said...

i really love how our pictures came out:)

Cary Walker said...

that is supposed to say "your" not our... i wasn't trying to bag about mine...