Saturday, March 7, 2009

another yummy giveaway!

well, i couldn't enter my sis's (littleloveblue) celebration giveaway, but this is one i can!!

mummysam, an incredible artist, is having a wonderful giveaway (ending sunday night, so hurry!) over on her blog

she's a woman after my own heart, using all natural wool and cotton fabrics and wool stuffing in her soft sculptures and dolls... you can visit her lovely etsy shop to see more of her work

good luck!


sammi said...

wow....two sister support!
thank you, and I have really enjoyed looking through your blog and flickr...your work is just so lovely

Golly Bard said...

I love your creations as well as your sister's. Thank you for letting me know about Mummy sam's give away. What a treat.

Stacey said...

oh, I missed it, but it did look like a great giveaway!

REread said...

cool giveaway ... your blog's really sweet