Monday, February 16, 2009

shop update announcement

wool and cotton fabric from purl
and a cotton and linen ribbon from weiwenhaitun

well, as you can see, i've been fabric collecting once again... in order to continue creating more for the spring line
there can never be enough of this hand dyed purl wool in my home!

be still... the world will move you

i've decided to go ahead and update my shop this wednesday, the 18th, with the completed work... and will continue to update as new pieces are finished

be still... the world will move you

above, is the latest piece i've created ~ a mixed media fiber art, combining ink illustration, hand sewn fabric, and hand embroidery on canvas and wool... 'be still... the world will move you'




Light and Writing said...

I adore the mixed media bird art! So lovely!

katy said...

thanks so much, emma! it was truly so much fun to create.
i'm a huge fan of your blog... so beautiful!