Saturday, February 28, 2009

saturday shopping list - february 28th

a dining collection

although i've truly loved living the new york life, i've missed living without a real dining space... here are a few of the many pieces which have caught my attention lately, as i imagine a warm, sunny, spring-inspired dining area... a space that i will look for when hunting for my new quarters

1 ~ origami lilies, by rockpapersugar
oh, how scrumptious! a lovely way to
brighten any space

2 ~ table runner, by kelgwo
woven with wool and a local grass, how special
this runner makes any space... and any meal

3 ~ vintage linen napkins, from imsovintage
speaking of special, cloth napkins give
even a simple meal such an elegant feel...
and i love the cottage feel of mixing
colors and styles!

4 ~ vintage round coiled basket, from highstreetmarket
beautiful for a table or sideboard, this
lovely basket gives me visions of a warm,
salty breeze blowing through an open window

5 ~ hall refrigerator pitcher, from karapegg
i never pass a hall pitcher in an antique store
without taking a closer look... and thinking
of my uncle, who's collection i remember
from my childhood

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Jane said...

Those are beautiful! My dining room badly needs a reworking. Great ideas!

Cary Walker said...

lovely list! i can't wait!!

thanks for the post about my giveaway too:)

'fancypicnic' said...

Those lilies are scrumptious!

Such a beautifully elegant selection, Katy.

Kelley said...

What a beautiful collection of things.

ps: you were mentioned on my blog today :-)