Monday, January 12, 2009

a mercy

wanted to quickly share a book recommendation, 'a mercy' from one my favorite authors, toni morrison

'a mercy' shares the painfully intertwined stories of several women, wrapped in the brutal america of the late 17th century.  upon such unsettled soil, each woman is ripped from any familial foundation... stripped of identity... reframed in this dangerous world of slavery, extreme religious intolerance, and disease

this one is a very quick read, due in part to both the length of the book and the propelling power of morrison's words.  it is one i will love to revisit, as passages in the beginning of the book become more profound with the unfolding of the story

morrison's stories seem to always grab hold deep into the recesses of my brain and soul, and, with the often ghostly atmosphere they create, infiltrate and disturb my dreams.  i don't complain though... they are disturbances my brain can use!

i would love to hear other's thoughts on the book, and am always happy to receive book recommendations in return!

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Cary Walker said...

you have to lend it to me, my brain needs something to think about