Wednesday, January 14, 2009

just get up and dance

wanted to share this video, 'once upon a time',  from the adorable capucine... which i found through a post on the wonderful blog, fine little love

to see the path a four year old mind takes is enchanting, rejuvenating, and inspiring

capucine, and her mother, are using the popularity of these videos to support edurelief, an organization based in mongolia, which helps provide school books to mongolian children

there are two sites where you can buy capucine's tshirts, and buttons/magnets,
all designed using  her original drawings and with quotes from the above story

i also had to include capucine's 'disco fever' video... it reminds us all to just get up and dance!


kim* said...

shes so funny :)can i buy her :)

katy said...

i think you'd have to wait in line! she's too adorable ;)

TheSingingBird said...

thank you for introducing me to Capucine and her cause♥