Thursday, January 29, 2009


a sorrowful, bittersweet day today, as i venture away from what has been an astounding path in my life, now stumbling toward an unknown destination... but i know now it is not really goodbye, because there is a forever spot in my heart for all of you and memories to always remember, my sweet little ones... abby, ollie... and anna who started it all.

words can never express the love and joy i have received, and i hope i have in some way touched all of your lives as you've touched mine. whether through pictures or in person, i will love to watch you grow!

an inexpressible thank you to wendy, who gave me today the kat mcleod book, bird
as a thank you gift. i can only hope my inability to speak when i opened this present told you how unbelievably excited, amazed, and grateful i am! what an inspiration this book will be!
thank you~


Light and Writing said...

what an emotional post. I think you put the items together in the photo block beautifully. Good Luck with what your new path brings.

Cary Walker said...

aww, sweetie i'm crying now. i know this is a really hard day. you will always have played such an important role in their lives. part of who they are will always be because of you.

i see really beautiful things ahead and an opportunity for new and wonderful things to to take root in your life.


Cary Walker said...

p.s.- i can't wait to see that book!!!

Wendy said...

I'm glad you like the book. I hope it inspires you as you travel from one journey into the next. You are so talented, with such a generous spirit, that I have no doubt you will find happiness and success no matter where you go. You are an important part of our lives and you always will be. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next.