Friday, October 3, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 4th

so excited to finally participate in the saturday shopping lists.  a day early, due to the lack of an internet connection at home for the next week! check out fancy picnic for a list of all the wonderful saturday lists

i've already discovered so many wonderful pieces i want to feature in the future weeks, but this week i decided to focus on soft yellows and grays, inspired by some of my recent favorites

1 ~ heirloom vintage fall vest, by heirloom08
made of organic linen, cotton, and vintage materials,
these original designs inspire a look of whimsy

2 ~ linen pinafore, by pamelatang
each piece individually handcrafted, these pieces combine
lovely modern design, with traditional craft

i have a set of little shakers very similar to this, and was
excited to find such a lovely vintage set...and an equally 
lovely store

4 ~ whispers in the breeze, by sugarsnaps
this image of new zealand nature, embodies this 
photographer's ability to capture such sweet and soft
moments in time, which seem to both move and ignite the senses

5 ~ white cat, by littleloveblue
this little felted wool kitty is the defintion of sweet elegance...
each piece has such a unique personality that seems to breathe

6 ~ spring bike, by photobird
these photos display such a wonderful sense of vintage 
style simplicity...allowing the eye to stop and enjoy the 
beauty of our surroundings

7 ~ pillow cover, by maramiki
originally illustrated and constructed of linen, these 
pillow covers add a subtle and soft touch of nature
to any style home

8 ~ hand embroidered silk brooch, by contemporarystitches
such extraordinary hand embroidery work lends a 
touch of romantic elegance to these pieces, made using 
vintage fabrics

9 ~ the darling nest, by marmeecraft
this victorian style work encompasses such a 
feeling of alice in wonderland style fantasy, letting 
you jump into a world of imagination


Cary Walker said...

so lovely!! as always, i can't wait to see nest weeks:) thanks for including my kitty:)

Miss Frugality said...

Your list is so beautifully put together.
There's a few I'm definitely going to explore further.Thanks!