Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday Shopping List ~ October 18th

my saturday shopping selections this week all seem to tell a story of imagination...and i'm imagining they can all come to my house!

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made from a beautiful vintage wool plaid suiting, 
and lined with the artist's own hand screen printed 
organic cotton fabric, this storybook bonnet is safe for 
baby and the environment

2 ~ tuscany earrings, by katinkapinka
these earrings seem to hold a wonderful
sense of history... and perhaps a long ago love story

created freehand and in the moment, this gorgeous doll
is truly a work of art, and in need of a loving home

4 ~ summer's end necklace, by fancypicnic
a fairy tale of imagination come to life, this truly
one of a kind necklace is wonderfully enchanting

5 ~ fabric topiary with mushrooms, by lifewithtigers
nostalgic and magical, this wee topiary is a miniature
environment perfect for fairies ;)

6 ~ red berries, by valcox
with a sense of peering through a looking glass
into another world, this image was captured
through a 1940's bubbletop glass viewfinder

7 ~ queen of the butterflies, by lilymoon
 this image weaves through worlds of endless 
imaginiation... like a dream come to life

8 ~ bridal headpiece, by minnak
add a little 'something old' with your 'something new', 
with this elegant 20's inspired lace headpiece


'fancypicnic' said...

'Scuse me...someone's been a bit naughty - but thank you!!
Beautiful list again; loving that storybook bonnet (who wouldn't?), and the toadstools are smashing. Red berries - gorgeous! Thanks so much for a lovely collection xx

puggerhugger said...

I saw your cute trees on etsy, mind if I link you? :)