Monday, September 15, 2008

roving, roving, roving!

was so excited to come home today and find my order of merino top roving from 

and even more thrilled to find the actual roving just as beautiful as i had hoped!
such a wonderful source for fiber.

here are a few words about their farm and business:

"Blue Goose Glen Specialties began as a small farm-based business that grew from the love of these animals and all of the new worlds they have opened up to us.  Founded in 1995 in the small community of Blue Goose, located in the hills of Western Tennessee, this business introduced us to the crafts of spinning, weaving, felting and other fiber arts which have become a big part of our lives."


Giftbearer said...

It looks really soft!

Rebecca said...

Yummy roving!

Glenda said...

Thanks for the kind words, Katy. Glad you like the roving.