Sunday, September 21, 2008

for the love of fabric

although i am slowly losing my house under a mountain of fabric and fiber, trips to beautiful fabric stores inevitably end with me joyously leaving with an armful of new fabric.  my heart begins to race when i enter these stores...these beauties can be mine to take home, i need them, they are too lovely to part with, i must have it...and so it happens again and again.  two stores here in new york create particularly serene and magical atmospheres, impossible to resist returning again and again.

i would love for my house to look like the interior of the purl fabric store in soho...floor to ceiling shelves, lined with such soft and beautiful bolts of fabric.  they also carry exquisite hand painted wool that is such a treat to work with.  there is also another purl storefront on the same block, which carries gorgeous yarn.  here are a few of my purl purchases:

hand painted wool and cotton fabric from purl

hand painted wool and cotton fabric from purl

another great fabric source, here in the heart of brooklyn, is the brooklyn general store which carries a lovely variety of fabric, yarn, notions, etc.  they also offer a large variety of sewing and knitting classes right in the store.  brooklyn general is a wonderful source for brilliant vintage cotton fabrics, as well as many varieties of roving.  here are a few purchases i made this weekend:

front: vintage fabrics, back: new cotton fabrics, from brooklyn general

cotton fabrics and soft cotton flannel from brooklyn general

as you can see, i've already been busy creating with my new purchases!

woodland fabric blue rose tree, available in my shop


ChichiBoulie said...

OH! I have the same love of fabric stores. I can spend hours just looking and touching. Hubby refuses to go with me now.

But I'm so jealous of those shops you've listed! I have nothing similar nearby. :(

kim* said...

so much fabric, so little time to sew :)

Estela said...

Oh how I wish I lived somewhere that had amazing fabric stores! I have to shop online for that.
You're so lucky
I wish I lived in fabricland