Sunday, September 14, 2008

living organically

buying beautiful, organic pieces both for your home and your body has become so much easier with the world of etsy!  so many amazing sellers, who truly believe in sustainable art and all natural materials, offer work both healthy for your body and your environment.  here are a few of my favorites:

Chakra Pennywhistle offers beautiful hand drawn and screen printed pillows, children's apparel, and accessories, using wonderful organic cottons, raw cotton stuffing, cotton thread, and water based inks.

here are some words from the artist about her work:

"I am currently inspired by Early American Decoration. Each design was drawn to reflect a folksy/modern version of the style."....

"I strive to incorporate recycled and organic fabric in each piece that I create. 

I choose sustainable or recycled materials because it feels good. That may sound simple but it is true. I strive to practice and support an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

I am proud to offer goods made from the finest organic cotton. The fabrics that I choose are grown in more eco-sound ways. Less pesticides and innovative farming techniques not only benefit the earth but actually bring us a natural luxurious product."


here are a few words from the artist:

"i am an integrity minded single mama stitching away every chance i get.  Consistently devoted to creating beautiful and flattering clothing made with sustainable fabrics.  

good intentions
pure values
eternally blessed designs

i have been divinely inspired to create clothing for the last twelve or so years.  every seam is a focus of perfection...

all fabric is hemp and organic cotton unless stated otherwise.  i strive to live sustainably with my every action.  working with organic and hemp fibers helps reduce the pollution of our earth.  supporting small businesses is yet another step to debunking the mass culture craze of cheap slave labor produced products."


Chakra Pennywhistle said...

Thank you so very much for the feature!

Etsy has made it easy to find organic, eco friendly products:) I find myself checking Etsy for everything before I head out to shop:)

little love blue said...

beautiful shops! great finds:)